Yes. But not all items are available for international shipping. Please contact me for a specific item.
Yes. As this method of shipping is more costly, free shipping is not available. Please email your request for express shipping with all details of item you are purchasing. A return invoice will be sent by email including the express shipping.
If merchandise, used or new, is imported into the United States, it must clear CBP and may be subject to the payment of duty as well as to whatever rules and regulations govern the importation of that particular product into the United States. Pitfalls: Many people have found the various charges and fees levied to be higher than they expected, and sometimes exceed the cost of their purchase(s). Buyers often have the misunderstanding that when the purchase price includes shipping and handling, all the costs associated with clearing the package through CBP are covered by the seller. They don't realize that brokers fees and CBP duties may be an additional charge that the buyer is responsible for. If you are sending goods to someone outside the United States, you should be aware that most countries have similar regulations governing the importation of goods into their territory.